Gao Zhongke

Tianjin University

Professor/doctoral supervisor

Control science and engineering

Brief introduction to scientific research:

His research interests include multi-source information fusion in complex networks, multi-phase flow detection, new sensor technologies, deep learning and labor

Intelligent, etc., has been in IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems、IEEE Transactions on

Industrial Informatics、IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement、IEEE Sensors Journal、Knowledge-Based Systems、Chemical Engineering Journal90 SCI search papers have been published in international journals, with more than 1,600 SCI citations and more than 2,000 Google-Scholar citations. An English academic monograph was published by Springer Publishing House in Germany. As the first inventor, he has 32 national invention patents. The research results have been positively cited and evaluated by hundreds of famous scholars from more than 10 countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Italy, Switzerland, and Japan, including academicians of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States, academicians of the European Academy of Sciences, academicians of the Royal Canadian Academy of Sciences, academicians of the National Academy of Engineering, academicians of the Royal Society of the United Kingdom and many IEEE fellows. ASME Fellow.


Presided over/participated in more than 10 projects such as National Natural Science Foundation project, Tianjin Natural Science Foundation Project, National major scientific research instrument development project, "Twelfth Five-Year" national major science and technology special projects. He is a member of the Network Science and Engineering Committee of the Chinese Society of Command and Control, a member of the Complex Network and Complex System Committee of the Chinese Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, a member of the Energy Internet committee of the Chinese Society of Automation, and a member of the Environmental Awareness and Protection Automation Committee of the Chinese Society of Automation.

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